An appetite for fresh experience and the need to keep moving take me places I would never have imagined beforehand. Because I find the unknown tempting, I’m often drawn to projects that have no predictable outcome, like buying a 300 year old house in France to convert into a retreat for creative workshops. I’m amazed by how it all seems to come together in the end, much like a collage.

I had learned much about surface texture from working with polymer clay and much about the manipulation of images from silk screening on silk, but it wasn’t until I worked with Dayle Doroshow, mixed media artist, at La Cascade that my years of experience with painting, polymer clay and more recently silk-screening came together. My greatest self realization was that I’m happiest when I have several mediums at hand to dialogue with. As I worked to build a body of work for an exhibit in Collioure, France, I became aware that I was not in charge of the direction it was taking. Although it’s been a relatively short time, I feel my work and I have traveled some distance together. Much of the moody darkness of the earlier pieces has given way to work that is lighter and less substantial.

As I work on a piece, I tell myself stories about it. For instance, “Hub” is about reviewing the circular nature of my life. I have ridden the years as they circle around a hidden axis, counting, remembering, and holding on for dear life and “Departure” is about an impossible faith faced with the imposed limitation of gravity. Yet, the yearning to transcend is so strong that one is prepared to take off in the shakiest of contraptions.

My work courts the mysterious parts of my psyche. I might capture their stories, but perhaps not their secrets

  • Hub
  • Departure

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